Hi there!

I’m a nature loving mom of two, in my early thirties, married to my very best friend. We recently bought a new piece of property and are hoping to build our new home there in the near future. I call it Burrbrook because of the gorgeous Burr Oaks that are all over the heavily wooded property and the brook that runs through a corner of it. It’s a beautiful, quiet and nature filled place and we can’t wait to live there. We would like to build as soon as possible, but must first sell our house in this sluggish market. Follow us along as we make the move to the woods. I mostly write about our life in general, but also include book recommendations, nature themed posts and recipes that I love. I hope you enjoy this slow moving journey!

Our Family

Butterfly: That’s me. Not only do I love butterflies, but I read an article once about ADD and it was referred to as the Butterfly Syndrome. Once I told me husband about it, he’s been calling me Butterfly ever since. I have a seriously short attention span and I am easily distracted. I once missed an entire conversation with my husband, because the car in front of us had a tree sticking out of the trunk. It was just a tree, and there was nothing special about it.

Oak: That’s my husband. I don’t actually call him this, but for this blog that’s how we’ll refer to him. He’s mighty like the Oak, so I think it works great.

Tater: This is my little man. A 5 year old snugglebug, who loves to be outside and is already an avid fisherman.

Bean: My little lady. The most hilarious little 3 year old I know, nature lover, minus the bugs (can you blame her?), interested in building and fixing things.


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