Wine & Love v8


Happy Thursday to you! It’s time for Wine & Love – a chance to share what’s filling our wine glass this week & what we are loving about this week. Hosted by the lovely Nora over at Walking With Nora.


  • Being out to eat & having the Bean throw a major fit. The kind that makes you take her out to the car to avoid further embarrassment. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed today AND she’s wearing her crabby pants. Is there a terrible four’s stage?
  • An incontinent dog. Poor Emma has always had an issue, but it’s been getting worse lately. She’s been dribbling all over and is now confined to the laundry room. She’s a very sad dog.


  • Storage Wars on A&E. I am seriously obsessed with this show! If you haven’t seen it, it’s about people bidding on abandoned storage lockers and all the crap or treasure that they find inside. I could watch it all day long.
  • The adorable pink frosted donut with Valentine sprinkle I got from the local bakery this morning. So cute. So delicious.
  • I haven’t drank any pop in over a week! It’s been rough, but sparkling water helps a lot.
  • A possible date night with Oak tomorrow. I love his new schedule & that he’s home on the weekends now.

All in all it was a very good week. I hope yours was filled with lots of loves & very few wines. Take care & have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Wine & Love v8

  1. I love that you call it pop, which it means I’m from the south and call it soda, so pop just seems like such a foreign word when referencing a beverage, lol. I love how things have different names depending on the regious you’re in.

    I’ve noticed that you have some very interesting looking books in your sidebar that I might like to read. I read a sample of Violets of March, and it seemed like it would be a really good book.

    Hope you have a good weekend and have fun on your date night!

    • I occasionally call it soda, just to change things up. I read so many good books last year. I hope you enjoy the Violets of March. It is such a great read. If you like it, you should definitely read The Bungalow. Sarah Jio is an incredible writer.

      Date night was mediocre. We had some miscommunication earlier in the day that ended up creating some tension between us. We eventually got over it & had a pretty good night. 🙂

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