Wine & Love v6


Happy Thursday to you! It’s time for Wine & Love, our chance to share what’s filling our wine glasses this week and what we are loving about this week. Thanks to Nora for hosting!


  • The never ending pile of laundry. I wish we had two washers and dryers. (Note to self: Make room for two washers and dryers in the next house.) 
  • The kids and their listening skills, or lack thereof. It has been a trying week, with many a timeout. 
  • My new life as a morning person now that the kids are in school. I do not like getting up a 7 am every day. I’m more of an 8:30 – 9 person. 🙂
  • Life has been crazy and I have very little time to read. It makes me sad and I miss my books.


  • The cooler weather. I have missed my hoodies, my awesome chili and long hot baths with a good book. Yay for Fall!
  • Oak. He’s just so awesome and I needed to share that. We have so much fun together.
  • The kids are so sweet even though they haven’t been listening the best. I love hearing Beanie’s’ sweet little “Dood morning, Momma” and Tater told me that I pick the best products for my store, so I said  “Thanks, I try.” And he replied, “You’re not trying, you’re doing it!” I love them both SO much.
  • Good books: I’m currently reading The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory and I love it. I am thoroughly obsessed with historical fiction and I can’t wait to finish it and start reading my advanced reader copy of Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massie. Many thanks to Goodreads and Random House for that.
  • New Fall shows. Welcome back, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, I have missed you. And how hilarious was Modern Family this week?!

I hope you’ve had a great week full of things that you love! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Wine & Love v6

  1. You should make your kids do the laundry when they don’t listen. 😉

    I’m so excited for fall, too! Korea’s summer was incredibly humid, rainy, and hot. Not a good combo! But I’ve heard that fall here is pretty nice, so I’m looking forward to it.

    • Ha! I wish! Beanie does help with folding every now and then. She’s pretty good at matching socks and folding washcloths. 🙂 I love the rain, but do not tolerate the heat and humidity. I hope Fall is wonderful for you!

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