Wine & Love v5


It’s Thursday, (although it seems like Friday) and time for Wine & Love which is hosted by the super sweet Nora. Here’s what’s filling my Wine glass & what I Love about this week:


  • Being disorganized. I hate when I write things down somewhere and then can’t find the information later. I need a new system.
  • Housework. All housework. You suck laundry. Go wash yourself!
  • My very naughty dogs. The one that has been visiting the neighbors & the one who got on the table and ate the ham sandwich. Seriously?!
  • I got the paperwork for Tater’s Kindergarten schedule. It’s official. I have to let him go to school. : ( What am I going to do all day without him?


  • An awesome father in law that made me a birthday cake. He is just the sweetest ever!
  • Watching Friends. I love that show so much! It still makes me laugh like crazy even though I’ve seen most episodes a dozen times.
  • Historical fiction. There are SO many great historical fiction books out there. I’m currently reading The Queen’s Governess by Karen Harper.
  • We’re getting a kitten next week. A kitten! How cute are they?! I’m super excited. Maybe more so than the kids. : )
  • Chipotle. So delicious!

So that was my week. How did it go for you? Take care and have a wonderful weekend?


One thought on “Wine & Love v5

  1. Oh, Chipotle. How I miss thee. It’s so not close to my current house (sad, I know). Now I think I may have to make a trip soon… and hooray for kittens! That’s definitely exciting.

    Thanks for joining/Playing!

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