Wine & Love v2


It’s Thursday, and time for another round of Wine & Love! I hope that first line sounded like a game show host when you read it, because that’s how it sounded in my head. ; ) Thanks to Nora for hosting!

Why I’m drinking this week:

* Being SO tired. This week has been insanely busy and I’m seriously worn out and lacking sleep.

* Tater is graduating from preschool tomorrow. That means he has to go to kindergarten in the fall. I want to keep him.

* Miscommunications with Oak. We are both busy, tired and growly, which has not made our relationship fun this week.

* A visit from Mother. While she did have some decent garage sale finds to share, it’s still just so hard to be around her. narcissism sucks.

* Wood ticks. They are disgusting and terrible and should not exist.

* Not having time/being too tired to read. I miss my books.

* The season finale of NCIS: LA. Seriously, are we really going to leave it like that? Are we EVER going to find out what the G is for in G. Callen? And what is up with Hetty?!

Why I’m loving this week:

* Being busy at work. No really, that’s a good thing. : )

* Flowers. I love them and I’m planting them everywhere.

* Having fun little chats with three of our neighbors. It’s good to be surrounded by good people.

* The fact that our lab Emma survived a leap off of the neighbor’s deck is amazing! I was watching her fall in slow motion and wondering how to handle her demise with Oak not being home. Luckily, she is still in one piece. Crazy dog!

* Emails from friends that I haven’t heard from in a while. One old friend, and one new. I love them both!

* Making new friends. Remember when we were little and you could just say hi to someone and be friends? Now there’s so much more that goes with. Especially with having kids. It’s really hard to be friends with someone when you don’t respect their parenting style. I’m so happy to have found a new friend that is fun AND a good parent.

* The season finale of NCIS. Thanks for catching the Port to Port Killer and not dragging it out until next season. I love you Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

So, that’s it for this week. How is everything in your world? Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Take care!


One thought on “Wine & Love v2

  1. Ugh, nothing worse than weeks where there isn’t much time to talk with your S.O. Knight and I had that kind of a week last week and it was just awful.

    I’m always amazed when my dog Jack leaps and bounds all over the place and lives to tell about it 🙂 So glad Emma is ok!

    And of course, thanks for joining in again this week.

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