Wine & Love v1


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Nora’s blog Walking with Nora, get over there and read it! Seriously, it’s awesome. Every Thursday Nora posts her Wine & Love column about things that made her reach for a glass of wine, and the things that she loved about the week. She’s invited fellow bloggers to join her each week and post their own Wine & Love columns. Here’s mine for the week:


What kept my wine glass full:

* Our busy life. There is always something going on, and so many little things pop up during the week. I get two night each week with Oak, and they were both interrupted this week. Frowny. : (

* The Bean has had an outbreak of naughtiness. She thought it would be a good idea to bite the Tater AND chase after him with the scissors. All in the same day.

* The people of the world who can’t work a four-way stop. Seriously, I’m going to have  to deal with this EVERYDAY?! Did you not pay attention in Driver’s Ed? Best one of the week: When someone else got there first, like WAY before me and then got pissed because I wouldn’t go. Try harder people, try harder.

* Whoever ran over that snapping turtle this week. I know, you may think this one is trivial, but I love turtles and I absolutely hate when they get run over. This was a GIANT snapping turtle, like the size of a garbage can lid AND on the center line. A: How do you NOT see that? And 2: Who drives on the center line? Watch the road folks!

* The heat & humidity. 86 degrees and humid? I have no interest in you unless there is a beach house involved.


What I absolutely loved about this week:

* Mother’s Day was awesome. I got sweet little drawing from the kids and a basket of flowers. Tater’s getting pretty good at drawing me and is doing really well with his writing. Beanie’s drawing was adorable, even though I looked like a banana and had a unibrow. Hilarious. I am so completely and totally in love with my little sweeties and I feel so lucky to be their mom.

* Watching the Voice. That show is seriously awesome!

* Nature. We’ve finally been able to get out and plant a few things, the martins came back and are nesting in one of our houses, and we’ve seen quite a few adult and juvenile bald eagles. Just. So. Awesome.

* Tweeting and emailing with faraway friends that I’ve never met. There are some really wonderful people out there in this big world!

* Spell check. My brain is just tired this week, so there have been quite a few spelling and grammer errors.

* Iced coffee, and lots of it.

* A good book. Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell

* New shoes! A super sexy, perfect-for-summer pair of heels that are uber comfortable.

* What little time I have had with Oak this week has been great. He is so wonderfully sweet and funny and I love him so much!


So tell me, what’s driving you to drink this week and what’s keeping you sane? Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies!


2 thoughts on “Wine & Love v1

  1. Thank you for joining & Playing! I loved reading your list and also? The four -way stop and turtle thing? Did you pluck that from my head? There was a turtle crossing the road yesterday and I was *so* tempted to be *that* crazy lady getting out of her car to help him across the road. Fortunately I didn’t see any splatter when I got home, so I think he made it. I hate seeing roadkill. True story.

    Love that you had a great mother’s day!

    Thanks again for joining/plyaing along today!

    • Thanks Nora! I’ve been wanting to do this for the last few weeks. It’s so much fun! Don’t ever feel like *that* crazy lady, I always stop to rescue turtles. I would love to be Jeff Corwin cool and just grab the big ones and move them off the road but I feel safer using a shovel. : )

      And the four-way stop thing? I jinxed myself. I am now my own pet peeve. Just after posting that, I drove into town and messed up my turn at the four-way stop!! That’s what I get for being sassy!

      Take care and I’ll see you for next weeks Wine & Love!

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