Oak Makes Me Laugh


One of the first things I noticed about Oak when we met, was his sense of humor. I am all about the funny, and I love it when someone can make me laugh. Oak is AMAZING at it. There are times I must admit that his sense of humor can be too much, but other times he has me completely rolling.

I’ve mentioned before about my butterfly syndrome, and I have the terrible habit of not remember things I need to do, or fluttering away during conversations or task that I’m in the middle of. I hate to admit it, but I have a terrible habit of buying bulk hamburger & then forgetting to split it before the use or freeze by date. When this happens, I cook it up and give it to the dogs, so it doesn’t go to waste. This drives Oak crazy.

So the other day, I went grocery shopping and bought bulk hamburger. Oak asked me a few times if I had split it yet, and I kept telling him “No, I’ll talk care of it tonight.” This is where the funny comes in. I have no idea when he did this because I was home with him until he left for his night job, but he managed to leave me reminder notes all over the house. The kids and I got home from his parents that evening, and I got them tucked into bed. I then went to our bathroom and saw a note on the mirror that said: Split Hamburger. That one made me smile. I then found another note on the toilet paper holder: Split Hamburger. This one made me laugh. On my pillow, another note and more laughing. In my laptop, another note and still more laughing.  A few hours went by and I decided to take a bath, I got in and laid back with my copy of Little Men by Louisa May Alcott ( great book by the way if you’re looking for something to read) only to find one more note: Split Hamburger. I busted out laughing at all the hilariousness of his note placing. He had covered all the bases. He got home shortly after that and I thanked him for the fun filled evening. He clued me in to two notes that I missed, simply because the one fell off the TV, and the other was in the other book I’m reading.

He is so much fun, and so hilarious and I’m glad he is mine. I love that he takes my forgetfulness in stride, even though it can be royally frustrating, and finds gentle ways to remind me of the things I need to do. He is truly my best and funniest friend.

I hope you had a lot to laugh about today. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!


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