So today was just …. bleh.


So today was just one of those days. For me that means all kinds of little things get under my skin and just make me crabby. I was am in a funk today and just can’t get out of it. But I have to remember that whatever I’m dealing with, there is always someone out there who is dealing with so much more. I’m trying really hard to always remember this and not let the little things get to me, but I still have my days. These are those little things that got to me today:

  • My disorganization. Bill paying would be so much easier if all the things I needed were in the same place instead of scattered in different drawers.
  • Miscommunications with Oak. Usually we are so in sync, but today we could not get it together. Although I know the trouble was on my end. ; )
  • Whiny kids, oh my! I wish winter would hurry up and go away. We are so cooped up, bored, out of sorts crazy right now and it’s taking a toll on all of us.
  • My boot zipper. It broke today. I zipped up my boot only to have the zipper pull break off after the boot was zipped up all the way. I figured I would be stuck in this boot for a while, and had a slight outburst. Oak just laughed at me.

So that’s the list. Pretty pathetic, right? Let’s take a look at the days blessings:

  • The entire family is healthy.
  • We had lots of cuddle time today.
  • I did get all the bills paid AND in the mail.
  • I did get out of my boot. : )

I am seriously going to try harder to let go of the little things, and have a more positive outlook. I love this To Do list and think it’s a great place to start.


Wishing you days filled with more blessings than irritations. Take it easy. : )


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