A Gift for Burrbrook

My dad stopped by today with a present for me. He built a few Wood Duck houses and thought I would like one to put near the brook. He did such a nice job making it and I am so excited to put it up! If the weather cooperates this week, I would love to head up there and hang it.

This is what the wood duck house looks like. This one is hanging at my parents cabin.

A bit about Wood Ducks: A colorful, medium sized duck that prefers wooded swamps, shallow lakes, marshes, ponds, and brooks. Wood Ducks lay 7 – 15 eggs that incubate for about 30 days, and can produce two broods in a season. The ducklings leap from the nest after being called down by their mother, and head to the water. They can swim and find their own food at one day old. They love to eat insects, nuts, berries and seeds. I personally think baby ducks are one of the cutest things on earth! : )

Wood Duck Drake


Wood Duck Hen


Wood Duck Duckling


I’ll post pictures as soon as we get this hung up. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!


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